InSpacE Special Independence LAPAN-A2 SSTV Event by AMSAT-ID

InSpacE Special Independence LAPAN-A2 SSTV Event by AMSAT-ID

Celebrating the 76th Indonesian Independence Day, August 17th, 2021 Satellite LAPAN-A2/LAPAN ORARI – Indonesian Oscar 86 (IO-86) will be transmitting the Slow Scan Television (SSTV) on their 2 passes. SSTV should be receive on the same downlink as Voice Repeater 435.880 MHz Mode FM

1st Pass at 1121 – 1141 Indonesian Western Time or 0421 – 0441 UTC.

2nd Pass at 1451 – 1511 Indonesian Western Time or 0751 – 0811 UTC.

SSTV transmission will be arranged by the Indonesian Amateur Satellite (AMSAT-ID) members. The Indonesian Space Explorer (InSpacE) will be issuing a Special 76th Independence Day Diploma for everyone who succesfully capture any of the transmitted image by the AMSAT-ID Team during this event.

Everyone will be awarded with a special Diploma by sending us the Image with these following conditions:

1. Everyone with SSTV image decoded from The Indonesian Oscar 86 (IO-86) event (August 17th, 2021) are eligible to claim the Diploma.

2. Image has to be original, do not edit the default filename whatever decoder you are using. (we recommend RXSSTV)

3. Claim your Diploma by sending us one image with at least 50% decoded from the event.

4. Do not sent your Image to our email, Fill this IO-86 SSTV FORM Only filling in one time, make sure your form is completely done before sent out.

5. Please give us maximum 3 (three) working days then keep checking our website to see if your claim is accepted and your diploma is ready from this link👉 Special 76th Independence Day Diploma

InSpacE Special Independence Diploma
InSpacE Special Independence Diploma

6. Form will be closed on Aug 20th, 2021 23:59 Western Indonesian Time or 16:59 UTC.

The following rules & decisions issued by InSpacE officers are not to be discussed and final.

InSpacE Terms and Conditions

By submitting SSTV images you captured from LAPAN-A2 Satellite during SSTV event – August 17th, 2021, you agree that InSpacE has no obligation to display the image or to acknowledge the submission. We may display your name and/or callsign with images you submit on our promotion & social media. You also agree InSpacE is not obliged to recompense you in any way for it. Support us by spreading the spirit of amateur radios through youths (Students & Scouts) around the world, visit our Facebook pages to stay update

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