InsPacE ROYAL-12 Diploma

InsPacE ROYAL-12 Diploma is a special Diploma for anyone who succesfully recieved the 12 SSTV complete series from International Space Station (ISS) Amateur Radio on Shuttle, Mir and ISS SSTV event – June 21st – 26th, 2021. Image has to be decoded with the series seen clearly and not less than 80% captured.

1. Anyone meet above condition SSTV image are eligible to claim the Diploma.

2. Image has to be original, do not edit the default filename whatever decoder you are using. (we recommend RXSSTV)

3. Claim your Diploma by sending us all 12 series complete images, whatever condition you have, as long as the series number seen clearly, you let our verification team decide it for you.

4. Do not sent your Image to our email, Fill this Form inSpacE ROYAL-12 Diploma. Only filling in one time, make sure your form is completely done before sent out.

5. At this point all you gotta do is give us 3 (three) working days then keep checking our website to see if your claim is accepted and your diploma is ready from this link inSpacE ROYAL-12 Diploma

6. Form will be closed on June 30th, 2021 23:59 Western Indonesian Time or 16:59 UTC.

All rules & decisions issued by InSpacE officers are not to be discussed and final.

InSpacE Terms and Conditions

By submitting SSTV images you captured from the International Space Station during Mir and ISS SSTV event – June 21st-26th, 2021, you agree that InSpacE has no obligation to display the image or to acknowledge the submission. We may display your name and/or callsign with images you submit on our promotion & social media. You also agree InSpacE is not obliged to recompense you in any way for it.

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  1. Name:Dusit Thongkhao
    Grid Location:NK93ov
    Radio:icom ic-2300-t
    Antenna:Diamond x510

    Callsign: E25ALY
    Country: Thailand
    Grid Location: NK99WU
    Date: 21-26 +27 June 2021
    Mode: FM
    Frequencia: 145.800 Mhz
    Radio : Icon ic-2300 HT
    Antena: Yagi 3e
    Software: Robot36 (Android) +RX-SSTV

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