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Greeting from the YB-Land to all InSpacE Fans around the world. Please allow us to introduce our Certificate of Membership, There only 2 different kind of membership at InSpacE

1. The Basic Membership
Its a free for all and permanent membership, Just hangout and have fun with us, you will be joining our Telegram Groups and follow some very basic & classic rules about respecting each others. We also encourage you all to share knowledges and passion about Amateur Radios science & satellite related topic. Yes Thats all. The main point is Have fun 🥰

2. Premium Membership
There are some additional premium facilities you could get by registering premium (Detail on our registration form) at All benefit we get from Premium Membership will be used to improve our website (such as domain and hosting which is already premium now) also services for the positive purpose on our Hobby and the quality of our members and Amateur Radios around the world. We are still working on improving the best system for our fans outside the YB-Land. Please bear with us.  Now let us inform you about the Membership ID , when you see there are 3 Groups of membership in these 3 certificates



Mr Wijak has a Basic Membership with ID (ME102) ME means member, All basic membership get this type of certificate.


Mr Galih has a Premium Membership with ID (HQ005) HQ stands for HeadQuarter which mean Mr. Galih is one of our Official, you can even see his position on the Certificate.


Mr Riski has a Premium Membership with ID (AD024) AD stands for Administrator which means these group of membership are our officers who help the Head Division run their division and some of them are our Social Medias Administrators.

We are currently looking for the Ambassadors which will be added automatically to this group and get all free Premium facility, if you have what it takes, send us an email with aplications and detail about your self and a reason why you want to join our club. English is a mandatory, Bahasa Indonesia you will be very special.
Finally please pray for all disasters victims in Indonesia this early January 2021. We hope for a better days with smiles to every living souls on earth for the future.

The InSpacE HQ

Indonesian Space Explorer
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Indonesian Space Explorer (InSpacE) are friends who love space & sciences. We learn & observe Satellite, Space object & Weather.


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