Amateur Radio on Shuttle, Mir and ISS SSTV event – June 21st – 26th, 2021

Amateur radio on Shuttle, Mir and ISS SSTV event – June 21st-26th, 2021

The ARISS team will be transmitting SSTV images continuously from June 21st until June 26th. The images will be related to some of the amateur radio activities that have occurred on the Space Shuttle, Mir Space Station and the International Space Station.

Schedule start and stop times are:

Monday, June 21st – Setup is scheduled to begin at 09:40 UTC / 16:40 Western Indonesian Time (transmissions should start a little later).

Saturday, June 26th – Transmissions are scheduled to end by 18:30 UTC / June 27th 01:30 Western Indonesian Time.

Downlink frequency will be 145.800 MHz and mode will be PD120.

Those that recently missed the opportunity during the limited period of MAI transmissions should have numerous chances over the 6 day period to capture many (if not all 12) of the images.

The Indonesian Space Explorer will join the fun for Amateur Radio on Shuttle, Mir and ISS SSTV event

1. Everyone with SSTV image decoded from this event (June 21st-26th, 2021) are eligible to claim the Diploma.

2. Image has to be original, do not edit the default filename whatever decoder you are using. (we recommend RXSSTV)

3. Claim your Diploma by sending us an image for Basic Special Potrait MIR2 Space Station Diploma with at least 50% decoded

Two (2) of your best images for Gold Special Potrait MIR2 Space Station Diploma with at least 70% decoded

Three (3) of your best images for Platinum Special Potrait MIR2 Space Station Diploma with at least 95% decoded

4. Do not sent your Image to our email, Fill this Form inSpacE SSTV MIR2 Diploma. Only filling in one time, make sure your form is completely done before sent out.

5. At this point all you gotta do is give us 3 (three) working days then keep checking our website to see if your claim is accepted and your diploma is ready from this link👉 Special MIR2 Diploma

6. Form will be closed on June 30th, 2021 23:59 Western Indonesian Time or 16:59 UTC.

All following rules & decisions issued by InSpacE officers are not to be discussed and final.

InSpacE Terms and Conditions

By submitting SSTV images you captured from the International Space Station during Mir and ISS SSTV event - June 21st-26th, 2021, you agree that InSpacE has no obligation to display the image or to acknowledge the submission. We may display your name and/or callsign with images you submit on our promotion & social media. You also agree InSpacE is not obliged to recompense you in any way for it. Support us by spreading the spirit of amateur radios through youths (Students & Scouts) around the world, visit our Facebook pages to stay update


  1. HI sir de vu3yfd .. i need 1 clarification . you have made 3 category but i am interested to collect all the diploma ,means if i send total 6 image will i get all three ,diploma’s
    1.Basic Special Potrait MIR2 Space Station Diploma.
    2.Gold Special Potrait MIR2 Space Station Diploma.
    3.Platinum Special Potrait MIR2 Space Station Diploma.
    with the quality u mentioned ..
    tnx cu agn 73 , de vu3yfd ,prasad,MK81qc, INDIA

    • You might have a basic membership who accidently got access to premium area for some web system error a couple weeks ago. Very sorry for the inconvenience. Plesae stay safe & helathy . 73

  2. Muchas gracias por permitirme participar, Gracias por apoyar la actividad radial, saludos muy cordiales LU3DLR Castelar Buenos Aires Argentina.


  4. Dear Sir,
    I submitted SSTV images for MIR2 Space Station Diploma in last week, but I am not receive Diploma now. QRU, 73

  5. Dear sir,
    I submitted SSTV images but i’m not receive diplome now and i check 2006-Mir2GLD-InSpacE-190~198 don;t receive ether.Mine diploma is 2006-Mir2GLD-InSpacE-196
    VY 73 DE BH6AOV

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